FAQ: Slack Workflow Builder

If you’re building a workflow and find yourself stuck, read on for tips and answers to common questions about Workflow Builder.

What is a workflow?

Starting the workflow

For a description of the different ways a workflow can start, visit Build a workflow: Create a workflow in Slack.

Can I use my workflow link outside of Slack?

If your workflow starts from a link in Slack, the link will need to be shared and clicked on in your Slack workspace. Pasting this URL in a browser, or adding it to an email for people to click on, will not start the workflow. Instead, share the workflow link in a channel, direct message (DM) or canvas for people to find and use.

Can people start a workflow from the shortcuts menu?

If you publish a workflow that starts from a link in Slack, people will also be able to find the workflow in the   shortcuts menu when they type / followed by the name of the workflow. If a member doesn’t see your workflow in the shortcuts menu, make sure that you’ve shared the link in a conversation they can access.

Can a workflow start with a keyword?

There isn’t a no-code option to start a workflow from a particular keyword. However, you can build a Slack app that includes a custom trigger to execute your workflow with a keyword.



Steps define the actions of the workflow. The order of the steps will determine the order in which the actions are executed.

How many steps can I add to my workflow?

You can add up to 100 steps to a workflow. If you add a custom step, or two or more connector steps, your workflow will be billable as a premium workflow.

Can I create conditional logic for my workflow?

It's not possible to create conditional logic in Workflow Builder at this time. To implement more complex logic, you’ll need to create a Slack app with custom functions.

How do I format my variables?

When you add a variable to a workflow step, you can change the format by clicking on it and selecting your preferred data display option. For example, you could change the data display option of your Time variable to a specific timezone, or of your Member variable to display an email address.

Can multiple people click a button in my workflow?

No. Right now, any buttons you add to a workflow can only be clicked by one person when the workflow is used.

I don’t see connector steps in Workflow Builder.

If your workspace or organisation has app approval enabled, you may need to request the connector before you can use the steps.

Owners and admins can also restrict access to certain connectors. If you can’t find a particular connector in Workflow Builder, reach out to an owner or admin to ask for help. 


Settings and permissions

Who can find and edit my published workflows?

Before you publish a workflow, it will only be visible to you and any workflow managers that you’ve added.

You can set specific access permissions to determine who can find and use workflows in Slack. Once published, owners and admins can see workflows in the published workflow dashboard, where they can add themselves as workflow managers. When an owner or admin becomes a workflow manager, they can edit, unpublish or remove the workflow from Slack entirely. All other workflow managers will be notified by Slackbot when a workflow manager is added or removed.

Can I edit or delete a workflow I didn’t build?

To edit or delete a workflow you didn’t build, you’ll need to be a workflow manager. The person who built the workflow and any existing workflow managers can add other workflow managers from the workflow’s settings. Owners and admins can add themselves as a workflow manager to any published workflow from the workflow dashboard.

Can external people use my workflow in Slack Connect?

It depends. By default, external people will be able to use your workflow in a Slack Connect conversation if they are using a paid subscription and you have granted them access. Owners and admins in your workspace or Enterprise Grid org can choose to restrict access, and workflows containing certain steps can never be run by external people.

If the external organisation you’re connected to in Slack Connect is on the free subscription or a trial, they won't be able to use your workflow.

Can I export workflow activity logs?

No, it’s not currently possible to export a workflow’s activity log. To check that your workflow is running properly, or to see any errors it may have encountered, you can view activity logs right from Workflow Builder.