Create a snippet

Snippets are a quick, easy way to share bits of code, configuration files or log files with your workspace.

Note: You can’t currently create or share snippets in our mobile apps.


Add a new snippet

You can create a new snippet from the desktop app and share it in any channel or direct message:

  1. Next to the Slack message box, click the  paperclip button.
  2. Click  Create new, then select  Code or text snippet.
  3. Enter a title if you'd like and choose a file type from the menu. This can be plain text or a computer language such as HTML or Javascript.
  4. When you’re finished, click Create Snippet to post your snippet.

Keyboard shortcut: Once you start typing in the message input field, press ShiftEnter (Mac) or CtrlShiftEnter (PC) to open a pop-up window for creating a new snippet in Slack and convert your existing text.

Tip: uploading a plain text file to Slack will automatically convert it to a snippet. Your teammates will be able to read it easily without opening a separate application. 👍🏽


Share a snippet

Sharing a snippet in Slack lets your members download it, view a raw version or leave comments. You can do this when you create the snippet or share the snippet elsewhere at any time.

For sharing options, just use your mouse to hover over the snippet in your desktop app and click Share file. Next to Share in, you can choose which channel to post your snippet in.

Edit a snippet

You can only edit a snippet that you have created. To find your snippets, open the   More Items menu in the top right of the desktop app and select Your Files. Find and click on your snippet, then click the  pencil icon to edit.

Note: Unlike posts, you can’t have multiple editors for one snippet.