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Slack Sales Elevate can transform every step of your sales process by centralising customer records, accounts, opportunities‌ and key metrics

By the team at Slack29th January 2024

According to the most recent Salesforce State of Sales Report, most reps are spending only 28% of their week actually selling. Bogged down by administrative tasks, they spend less time with customers and take longer to close deals, putting sales at risk.

Slack Sales Elevate can help. It’s an essential tool that sales reps, managers and leaders can use to take sales productivity to new heights so they can spend more time with their customers. Teams can use Sales Elevate to access customer records, accounts, opportunities and key metrics without ever leaving Slack.

Bringing data into Slack, the place where workers spend most of their time, reduces context switching. By surfacing real-time deal information right in the flow of work, Sales Elevate improves team visibility at every stage of the deal cycle. These benefits – from automated deal alerts to easy CRM updates – can be accessed from any location, on any device.

More than 80% of sales managers say Slack Sales Elevate makes it easier to stay up to date on deals. We’ll show you how deploying Sales Elevate is the best way to break down data and communication silos, drive visibility and team selling, and track progress to reach sales goals.

Senior Manager of GTM Business Architecture

‘Our sales teams live and breathe in Slack. Now they have a home base where they can access the most important things so they can be more productive’.

Lissa SmithSenior Manager of GTM Business Architecture, Salesforce

Reach your full sales productivity potential with Slack Sales Elevate

Slack is your intelligent productivity platform for all your tools and applications, and Salesforce Customer 360 offers systems of record that power your most critical business processes. Whether you are an account executive, manager or sales leader, you can depend on the combined power of Slack and Salesforce’s Sales Cloud to scale the impact of your sales team while speeding up deal cycles.

Slack Sales Elevate empowers sales teams to seamlessly sell together. What’s more, it accelerates deals by tapping into rich customer data and business insights from Sales Cloud and Salesforce Customer 360 directly from Slack, bringing business context and depth to team conversations and deal collaborations.

Teams can access Salesforce accounts and opportunity record data in one place, and updates made to that data in Slack are automatically pushed back to Sales Cloud in real time. With automatic, real-time alerts and personalized reminders, sales reps, managers and leaders can easily stay on top of deal movements, team wins‌ and pipeline changes. Sales leaders gain visibility into their team’s performance and can proactively identify opportunities for coaching and development to keep deals on track.

Sales Elevate also empowers reps to move deals forward from any location, on any device with CRM access from Slack. Quickly update the Salesforce opportunity record or log a customer meeting, calls and notes on the go. Get advice from your team in Slack channels and connect with stakeholders, customers and partners instantly from mobile devices.

Internal research across our Slack and Salesforce sales teams showed reps updated their deals twice as fast with Slack Sales Elevate. When teammates are automatically prompted to update sales data – and when this task is fast and painless – reps will update their deals more often. In fact, the same internal research found a 29% increase in users who update opportunities daily. The result is better data quality for more accurate forecasting and a real-time view of the business.

Close deals faster with automated workflows in Slack

Accelerating the sales cycle with Slack begins in Workflow Builder, a visual, no-code tool that allows any Slack user to automate routine functions by creating custom workflows for any channel. Salesforce leaders rely on automations to remind reps to share:

  • Deal win reports
  • Pipeline reports
  • Weekly status reports
  • Monthly deal audits
  • Weekly time card updates
  • Monthly expense report submissions

Workflow Builder seamlessly works with the other tools integrated into Slack, saving reps time they would otherwise spend toggling between platforms. Because Slack has integrations with over 2,600 software tools and custom apps, all work can be done in one productivity platform.

Slack Sales Elevate lets teammates quickly build workflows with Salesforce-triggered notifications, such as support requests and deal approvals. For example, when a new opportunity from Sales Cloud updates in Slack, a workflow could send a notification in an account channel to alert the sales rep to follow up.

Sales Elevate use cases

Simplify CRM data management and boost forecast accuracy: Effortlessly update Sales Cloud opportunities in Slack with instant, bi-directional CRM updates, improving pipeline accuracy so you can forecast with confidence.

Simplify CRM data management with Slack Sales Elevate

Align from anywhere, on mobile: Stay connected to your team, customers‌ and CRM from anywhere through your mobile device. Easily manage Salesforce deals in Slack and connect with the team in real time or asynchronously to share quick feedback, ask questions or deliver updates.

Maximise team selling: Break down data and communication silos and sell faster together by pulling all stakeholders, conversations, CRM insights and tools into one working space.

Setting up Slack Sales Elevate

To get started with Sales Elevate, you’ll need to connect it to Sales Cloud by signing into your Salesforce account.

After you connect to Salesforce, you can:

  • View and update Salesforce opportunities in Slack
  • Create custom notifications to simplify administrative tasks and keep you on track towards your goals
  • Set up key metrics to gain insight into your individual and team performance

Follow these instructions for step-by-step guidance.

3 in 4 Slack Sales Elevate users (76%) say this tool has helped them be more productive.

Source:Survey of internal Slack Sales Elevate users in sales roles, conducted 15 August – 1 September 2023.

Contact our sales team to take your sales game to the next level with Slack Sales Elevate.


  1. Data based on less than 400 Slack and Salesforce employees after using Elevate for ~1 month
  2. Salesforce Internal Pilot, July 2023

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