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Find and start conversations

Lesson overview

Sara recently joined Acme, a company that uses Slack. In this lesson, you’ll learn the different ways Sara communicates with her team using channels and direct messages.

Sara’s experience before Slack

At her previous company, Sara found it really hard to stay up to date on everything that affected her work. Her email inbox was a jumble of one-on-one conversations and giant reply-all threads, and sometimes she had no idea that key conversations were happening at all.

How Acme uses Slack

  • Work takes place in channels. Channels are organized around departments, projects, office locations—any topic, really.
  • Anyone at Acme can join channels, so every person can keep tabs on the topics that they care most about.
  • For short one-on-one conversations, the team uses direct messages.

Find and join channels

Channel browser

Sara wants to join a channel, so she opens the channel browser where she can see all the channels at Acme that are available for her to join.

When Sara joins a channel, she can scroll up to see all of the context, conversations, ideas and decisions that have happened so far. As a new hire, finding and joining relevant channels has helped her get up to speed at Acme much faster.

Note: Channels set to private are identified with a lock icon and can only be found if you’re invited to them.

When Sara has something to add to the conversation, she sends a message to the channel. As more people contribute, important information is captured over time in Slack.

Compose and send messages

Compose message

There are two ways to start writing new messages in Slack. Sara can type a message in the message field of any channel or direct message, or she can click on the compose button.

Sara uses the compose button to start writing a message to Harry. She doesn’t have to worry about sending the message right away since it saves automatically, and she can always pick up where she left off by going to Drafts from the left sidebar.

Find direct messages

All DMs

People at Acme communicate in channels so everyone on the team can learn from the information that gets shared, but sometimes a conversation only needs to be between two people, like asking about lunch plans.

Earlier, Sara asked Harry about lunch plans and now she wants to continue the conversation. All of her direct messages are in one place, so she can quickly come back to her most recent conversations.

Your next steps

💡 Review the list of channels in your sidebar.

💡 Open the channel browser to join a new channel.

💡 Write a message using the compose button.

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