Find and start conversations

It can be difficult to stay up to date and reach the right people when your email inbox is a jumble of conversations and reply-all threads.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Slack to:

  • Find and access conversations
  • Start a conversation



Find and access conversations

In Slack, conversations happen in channels and direct messages (DMs). Channels are spaces where you can work with your co-workers on specific topics. DMs work well for one-off conversations that don't require an entire channel to weigh in.



Conversations in channels are transparent and accessible to people in your company. If you want to stay up to date with a specific team, you can find and join their channel and scroll up to see past messages.opening the channel browser in Slack
DMs are for smaller conversations outside of channels, like if you wanted to ask a teammate to reschedule a 1:1 meeting. a direct message conversation between two teammates

Did you know? You can also work with people outside of your company in channels and DMs. To learn more, visit our guide to Slack Connect.


Start a conversation

Start a conversation with the right people by sending a message or starting a huddle in a channel or a DM.

Send a message

Start a huddle

Say that you have a question about a project. Send a message to the dedicated project channel to get an answer from the right people. If your question is only for a specific teammate, you can send them a DM. writing a new message from the compose button in Slack

Try it: Use the   compose button to draft a message.

Sometimes it’s easier to talk things through, whether you’re brainstorming or just catching up. If you use Slack on a paid subscription, open a channel or DM to start a huddle. You can even share your screen. starting a huddle in a Slack channel to talk live and share your screen

Try it: Open a conversation and click the   headphones toggle in the bottom left corner of your sidebar to start a huddle.