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Tech companies using Slack average 29% ROI¹, boosting organisational efficiency with the help of scalable automation and centralised knowledge.

  • Uber
  • Okta
  • Logitech
  • Intuit
  • Autodesk
  • Atlassian

Say hello to faster innovation

  • Execute with efficiency from concept to launch
  • Enhance existing apps with 2,500+ Slack integrations
  • Instantly connect with built-in audio and video tools
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faster at bringing new products to market2


increase in time saved due to process automation3


Capture revenue faster by focusing on what matters

  • Boost rep productivity and win rates by automating sales tasks
  • Gain visibility and improve co-selling with Slack Connect
  • Empower teams by giving them the tools that they love

‘We’re able to iterate so much faster now on our partnerships, sales deals and customer needs with Slack Connect, driving innovation and alignment across the construction industry.’

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Kristopher M. Lengieza, Vice President of Global Partnerships and Alliances, Procore

Prioritise customers and savings

  • Resolve tickets faster with case-swarming automation
  • Strengthen customer relationships by connecting in Slack
  • Find the answers that you need with AI-powered search
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faster resolution for tech teams4


average reduction in cost per ticket5

Redefine customer success with Slack and Salesforce

  • Simplify the renewal process from quote to cash with real-time data

  • Overcome supply-chain disruptions with visibility and vital insights

  • Deepen customer satisfaction with personalised experiences

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Get more done with apps directly where you work

Connect with all your favourite tools, such as Salesforce, Jira, Microsoft Office and more.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. You can use Slack Connect to speed up work and strengthen relationships throughout your entire technology ecosystem. Slack Connect securely brings your teams together with external parties, including customers, partners and vendors. Slack Connect is available on all paid subscriptions.

Yes. You can securely discuss confidential information in Slack. The design of Slack offers multiple ways to ensure that your information, conversations and files stay safe. It delivers enterprise-grade security at every layer, adheres to multiple compliance certifications and is GDPR-compliant.

In addition, Slack offers many security features – such as Enterprise Key Management –that give admins control over the fine detail of data encryption. You can also integrate your own security tools with Slack to receive an instant notification if a threat has been detected. Learn more about Slack’s comprehensive security programme.

Yes. Slack makes all your tools better by letting you integrate industry-leading software and custom apps right into Slack. Choose from more than 2,500 pre-built integrations, including the most popular workplace and productivity tools, to save time and avoid context switching.

Salesforce was one of Slack’s earliest partners, letting teams easily stay up to date on their Salesforce records from within Slack.

There are two apps that connect Salesforce and Slack. In order to use the Salesforce app for Slack, a Salesforce system administrator will need to install and configure the Slack app for Salesforce. Each app provides different functionality.

The Slack app for Salesforce

  • Available in Salesforce AppExchange
  • View Slack messages associated with a record
  • Send Salesforce records to Slack
  • Set up record alerts in Slack channels

The Salesforce app for Slack
  • Available in the Slack App Directory
  • Search and preview Salesforce records for all standard objects
  • Route relevant alerts to channels
  • Add Slack messages to Salesforce records

Learn more about how to superpower your sales with Slack + Salesforce and how it works.

¹𝄒³Source: ‘FY23 Customer Success Metrics,’ Salesforce, survey of 119–149 Slack tech users, July 2022.
²Source: ‘The Total Economic Impact of Slack for Technical Teams,’ Forrester, September 2020.
⁴Source: ‘FY23 Customer Success Metrics,’ Salesforce, survey of 143–149 Slack and Salesforce dual users, 2022.
⁵Source: ‘The Total Economic Impact of Slack for Service Teams,’ Forrester, May 2021.

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