Slack Calls: The basics

With Slack calls, you can make a voice or video call and connect with any member of your workspace. Keep reading to become familiar with Slack’s calling features and availability.

Features and specifications

In Slack, getting in touch with your teammates and sharing information is a breeze. Make a voice call, connect by video, share your screen and more! 

Feature Description Specifications
Voice call Talk to your teammates in Slack. 16 kHz
Video call   Talk or video conference in Slack.

1280 x 760
15 frames/sec.

Screen sharing Present to others and allow them to draw on your screen if you want. 1280 x 720
3 frames/sec.

Note: Some Slack calls features are only available for workspaces on paid subscriptions. This includes group calls (voice and video), screen sharing and switching between multiple apps from the  phone icon.


Need to make a voice call or share your screen with teammates? Check the table below to see which devices support voice, video and screen sharing.

  Mac Windows Linux Chrome iOS Android
Voice calls   ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓
Video calls   ✓  ✓  ✓    

Screen sharing:

 ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓    

Screen sharing:

✓  ✓         

Note: Google Chrome is the only browser that supports Slack Calls.

Note: Slack Calls are not officially supported on virtual machines. Performance and availability of features may vary depending on the environment.

Call actions

Here’s your key for all things related to voice calls, video calls and screen sharing.




You’ll find built-in controls in your call window:

Action Icon
Add a member to a call, or share a call in a channel  
Mute or unmute your microphone   
Enable or disable video on a call  
Start or stop sharing your screen  
Draw on your screen  
Let others draw on your screen  
Call settings (call name and voice and video settings)  
Send an emoji reaction  
Exit a call  


You can also use keyboard shortcuts:

Action Key
Toggle mute on and off
(hold down to talk when muted)
Toggle video on and off V
Show the invitation list + or A
View and select and emoji reaction E then 1 9
Change the colour of your pen while drawing on your screen   (Mac)
Ctrl (Windows/Linux)
📞  Start a call
Tap the channel or direct message name to expand the conversation info and choose Start a call.
☎️  End a call
Tap the red End button.
🙋  Answer a call
Tap Answer from the pop-up notification or on the call message in the conversation where the call is taking place.
🙅  Decline a call
Tap Dismiss on the pop-up notification. 
📞  Start a call
Tap the channel or direct message name to open the conversation info and choose Start a call.
☎️  End a call
Tap the red End button.
🙋  Answer a call
Tap the green  phone icon to accept a call in a direct message or Join this call from the channel where the call is taking place.
🙅  Decline a call
Tap Dismiss to decline an incoming call.

What's next?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, you’re ready to go. Use the links below to discover more about Slack Calls.

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