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Explore the future of productivity in ANZ, powered by generative AI

Learn how generative AI will unlock a new kind of productivity, and get insights on how to build a generative AI strategy for your organisation

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According to Slack’s latest State of Work research, people who use AI are 90% more likely to report greater productivity. So why are only 27% of companies using AI tools?

By automating repetitive tasks and freeing up time for more strategic, creative work, generative AI can help your company ramp up its productivity and do more with less. Imagine vanquishing writer’s block, creating smoother pathways for customers to get the support they need, auditing code or generating personalized email sequences that will boost your sales conversion rates. The opportunities are endless.

But in order for generative AI to truly work for you, it needs to start with trust and transparency. Join us to learn how to navigate this new era of generative AI technology for your business. You’ll hear from industry experts, including a Forrester analyst and technology leaders at Slack and Salesforce.

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