Verify your identity in Slack

From time to time, our Support team will need to verify your identity in order to share information about your Slack account or workspace with you. Here’s how to verify your identity in Slack using the /verify shortcut.

GIF showing the verify shortcut being used in a channel

How it works 

  • To verify your identity in Slack, you’ll use a built-in shortcut – /verify. Like all shortcuts, you’ll send the command in a channel or direct message (DM) in Slack.
  • Neither the shortcut that you send nor the code that you receive will be visible to anyone but you, so you can use /verify in any conversation in Slack without disrupting your team.

Verify your identity

  1. From your desktop, open a channel or DM.
  2. Click on the message field.
  3. Type /verify, then press Enter to send the message. Make sure that you include the forwards slash at the beginning of your message.
  4. Copy the verification code displayed by Slackbot and include it in a reply to the Support team.