Preview new member experience of Enterprise Grid

Curious about what members of your org experience when they sign in to Enterprise Grid for the first time? After successfully signing in through your identity provider, here’s what members will be asked to do:

  • Review terms of service
  • Find and launch workspaces

Review terms of service

The first time a new member signs in to the organisation, they’ll be asked to review our terms of service. You can include additional custom terms of service for your company if you like. 📜✨

By clicking I agree, they’ll be able to proceed to the next step.


Find workspaces

Next, we help your members find the right workspace(s) to join so they can get up and running as quickly as possible. 

If a member has already been invited or provisioned to a specific workspace, they’ll be taken to that workspace.

If they’re not assigned a specific workspace, they’ll have a couple of options:

  • Search for someone on their team (like a manager or peer) to see the workspaces they’re a member of.
  • Search for a specific workspace if they already know what they’re looking for.


Note: If there are fewer than five accessible workspaces in your Enterprise Grid, new members will be taken to the workspace directory to find workspaces they can join.


Search for a teammate

Search for workspaces

New members can search for others on their team to see the workspaces they’re a member of. Members will see all workspaces that a teammate has joined if the workspace’s access is set to OpenBy request or Invitation-only.


Open Screen_Shot_2018-02-21_at_4.20.29_PM.pngJoin open workspaces and launch Slack right away.


By request Screen_Shot_2018-02-21_at_4.20.57_PM.pngMembers can ask to join request-only workspaces, then wait for approval. 

Members can browse all of your organisation’s workspaces except for those with their access preference set to Hidden.


Note: Members can see any Invitation-only workspaces that their teammate has joined, but they’ll need an invitation to join themselves.