Live chat with your customers directly from Slack

What’s it handy for?

The ability to chat directly with customers on your website is key to clearing up confusing and closing deals. With apps dedicated to this, you’ll solve customer problems more quickly and answer questions easier, all inside Slack.

Live customer chat in Slack is great for:

  • Getting notified instantly when someone would like to speak to you where you’re already working
  • Answering questions and providing background to website visitors instantly
  • Closing deals by clearing up any confusion before a customer orders your product

messages in slack are also sent in intercom chat widget

How to live chat with your customers directly from Slack

  1. Configure the live chat service to send notifications and conversations into channels where your customer support team can join in.
  2. Respond to notifications of new chats at your website, directly in Slack.
    responding to intercom notifications from within slack
  3. Answer questions and forward any leads to your sales team to help complete future deals.
    qualifying a lead in Intercom from inside slack

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