Recognize coworkers for a job well done

What’s it handy for?

Giving thanks to fellow employees is a great way to honor them and remind them they’re appreciated. And thanks to apps, it’s easy to recognize your team and coworkers in Slack.

  • Recognize employees that go the extra mile in front of everyone
  • Have happier employees that appreciate being acknowledged for their good work with an employee spotlight
  • Use a “kudos” systems to give out perks to employees for a job well done.

Recognize coworker by awarding points in channel

Before you get started

To highlight employee work, sign up for an account at Bonusly or Disco and add their team recognition app to your Slack workspace.

How to recognize coworkers for a job well done

  1. Create a channel to capture a running log of all the kudos messages, like #yay or #kudos or #all-stars
  2. Invite Disco to channels where people give out thanks to one another
    Invite Disco app to channel
  3. Post instructions on how to give thanks to others and pin it to the channels where the bot was invited, so everyone can take part.
    Recognize coworkers in channel with Disco
  4. Choose whether to display leaderboards or regular reports, and decide if you’d like to offer any rewards programs (like free lunch or gift cards for each week’s top getter of kudos)

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