Reset all passwords for your workspace

You can reset passwords for everyone in your Slack workspace or Enterprise Grid organisation. As an added security measure, you can also choose to disconnect all members at the same time, requiring all members to set a new password before they are able to sign in to Slack.

Note: members of your workspace can also reset their own passwords at any time. Read Reset your password for more.

Here’s how:

Free, Standard and Plus subscriptions

Enterprise Grid subscription

  1. From your desktop, click your workspace name in the top left.
  2. Select Administration, then Workspace settings from the menu.
  3. Choose the Authentication tab.
  4. Click Expand next to Forced password reset.
  5. Choose if you would like to sign out all members at the same time. Every member will be instantly signed out and they will not be able to sign in again until they have changed their password. 
  6. Click Reset password for all workspace members.
  7. Click OK. Everyone will receive an email with instructions to select a new password and sign in to Slack.

Org owners and admins can reset passwords for everyone in the Enterprise Grid organisation. Here’s how:

  1. From your desktop, sign in to your Slack Enterprise Grid, then click Organisation settings.
  2. Visit the  Security page of the Admin dashboard.
  3. Click the Security Settings tab.
  4. Under Forced password reset, choose to force a password reset or force a password reset and log all members out of Slack.
  5. Click Force reset. Everyone will receive an email with instructions to sign in to Slack.

Note: Does your workspace have SSO enabled? Learn how to Reset all single sign-on sessions.



Who can use this feature?
  • Workspace owners or org owners/admins 
  • Free, Standard, Plus and Enterprise Grid subscriptions