Show off your work with a video clip

 What you'll learn in 5 minutes or less: How to share your screen and walk others through the latest version of a project with a video clip.

Your teammates can watch clips when they have time in their day and thoughtfully provide feedback whenever they'd like.


Go for it!

  1. From a channel or direct message (DM), click the  video camera icon in the message field.
  2. Click Record and select the screen you want to share. If you want to add some structure to your recording, try using the following template for your script.


    State your message: Clearly frame your main idea or message and describe why it’s important to your teammates. You could say something like, “In this video clip, I’ll walk you through ____________, which is important so our team can ____________.”
    Show your work: This is your time to shine! Share your screen to present a maximum of three things you want to show and get feedback on.
    Repeat your message: Your message is important, so don’t forget to say it again near the end of your recording.
    End with a call to action: Lay out what you’re asking your teammates to do. Be specific and set a timeline. You could say something like, “I’m looking for feedback about ____________ by the end of the week so we can move this project forward!”


  3. When you’re finished, click Stop.
  4. Click Done.
  5. Add a message if you'd like, then send your clip.

Watch the video below for an example from us at Slack.

Learn more: Use a clip to share an update with your team, or visit our detailed article about audio and video clips.