Slack is your Digital HQ

Welcome to the command centre of your workday. Discover a more flexible way to work with all your people, apps and partners in one space.

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The new space for success

Slack connects people with each other and with their tools and data. Equip teams to be their most efficient and productive – to save time, increase ROI and open up all sorts of opportunities.

How IBM made Slack its digital HQ

Slack lets IBM connect its worldwide team, transforming its operations with the power of automation along the way.

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Anatomy of your digital HQ

Slack isn’t just a tool for sending messages. It’s a place where work flows between all your teams, tools, customers and partners – wherever and whenever you’re working.


Work together in channels – dedicated spaces built around specific projects and initiatives – with all the right people and information in one place.


Huddles let teams chat over audio instantly, with the option for video and screen sharing with the tap of a button.


With clips, teams can create audio, video and screen recordings to share updates, talk through demos or discuss an idea with more clarity (and personality).


Slack Connect lets you work alongside external partners and customers in your own Slack channels so you can speed up projects and strengthen relationships.


From project management tools to your daily calendar, Slack integrates effortlessly with more than 2,400 and counting.


In Slack, you can turn routine meetings and tasks like daily briefings, approvals and requests into automated workflows to save time and focus your efforts.

Frequently asked questions

A digital HQ is a place where work flows between your people, systems, partners and customers. It removes the limits of physical walls, giving people the flexibility to do their best work where, when and how they prefer. And it empowers everyone to automate common tasks with apps and workflows. In the digital-first era, Slack is the digital HQ that makes work simpler, more pleasant and more productive.

Excellent question. Slack is a new way for your entire company to communicate. It replaces email with something faster, better organised and more secure. Instead of one-off email chains, all your communication is organised into channels that are easy to create, join and search. When there’s a channel for everything that’s happening at your company, everyone knows exactly where to go to get work done.

The key to Slack success is channels. By creating a channel for all of your projects, your teams, your offices, your departments – everything that you’re doing at work – you create a space for every conversation to happen. And because channels are easy to join and create, Slack can adapt to meet changing needs. If someone new joins a project, you can simply add them to the channel. Then they can scroll up to read through old conversations. When it’s time to start something new, create a new channel and invite the right people.

Yes. You can securely discuss confidential information in Slack. Slack offers multiple ways to ensure that your information, conversations and files stay safe. Slack delivers enterprise-grade security at every layer, adhering to multiple compliance certifications, including SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO/IEC 27001 and more. Slack is GDPR-compliant and can be configured for HIPAA and FINRA compliance. It is FedRAMP Moderate-authorised.

In addition, Slack offers security features, like Enterprise Key Management, that allow admins fine-grained control over data encryption. You can also integrate your own security tools with Slack to get instant notification if a threat is detected.

Yes! Unlike email, Slack is not susceptible to spam or phishing, which causes 90% of data breaches. Your Slack handle cannot be sold to advertisers or put on a mailing list. You will only ever receive Slack messages from other people inside your organisation, or from trusted partners using a Slack Connect link. You may get notifications from apps integrated with your workspace, such as Asana, Google Docs or Jira.

Slack offers enterprise-grade data protection and privacy. Granular controls allow admins to customise security for each user, so no one sees things that they shouldn't. Learn more about how Slack can securely replace email inside your company.

Slack Connect is a more secure and productive way for organisations to communicate together. It lets you move all the conversations with your external partners, clients, vendors and others into Slack, replacing email and fostering collaboration. Slack’s enterprise-grade security features and compliance standards, such as Enterprise Key Management, extend to Slack Connect.