Add RSS feeds to Slack

Have a favourite blog or news site? You can use Slack to subscribe to both RSS and Atom feeds and get updates in the Slack channel of your choice.

Note: If you get an error when trying to add a feed, try validating the feed at

Step 1: Install the RSS app

To get started, you’ll need to add the RSS app to your Slack workspace:

  1. Visit the RSS page in the Slack App Directory.
  2. Click Add to Slack.
  3. On the next page, click Add RSS integration.

Step 2: Add a feed 

After you’ve added the RSS app, add your first feed:

  1. Next to Feed URL, paste the web address of the feed that you’d like to subscribe to.
  2. Select a channel where feed updates will appear.
  3. Click Subscribe to this feed to finish.

You’ll see updates post in Slack the next time the site is updated. 🎉

Note: The RSS app will store a bookmark with a date of the last item retrieved from a feed. The next time that the app polls for new items, it will only retrieve items with a date stamp later than the date saved in the bookmark.

Step 3: Add more feeds

If you'd like to subscribe to more RSS or Atom feeds, use the steps below.

  1. Copy the feed address from the website that you want to add.
  2. In your Slack workspace, go to the channel where you’d like feed updates to appear.
  3. Click the  slash icon next to the message field. 
  4. Type /feed into the search field at the top of the menu and click on it to add the command to the message field. 
  5. Following /feed in the message field, type subscribe and the feed address.
  6. Send the message. 

Tip: You can create a private channel, e.g. #my-rss, where you can add all your favourite feeds to make Slack your RSS reader of choice.

Manage your RSS feeds

There are a number of useful things that you can do with the /feed command:

  • Use /feed list to see all the RSS feeds added to a channel, along with their unique ID number
  • Use /feed remove [ID number] to unsubscribe from a feed
  • Use /feed help for a reminder of how to use /feed commands

To manage any feed that you’ve added to your Slack workspace, regardless of channel, head to the RSS page in the App Directory and click Configure.

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