Remove single sign-on

If you’d like your workspace to go back to using Slack’s built-in authentication, you can turn off single sign-on (SSO). When SSO is turned off, members will sign in using their email address and Slack password.

Note: If you never created a password for your Slack account, you’ll need to set one before you remove single sign-on. Follow the steps to reset your password.

Turn off SSO

  1. Click your workspace name in the sidebar.
  2. Hover over Tools & settings, then click Workspace settings.
  3. From the Authentication tab, click Disable Google Auth, or Switch to built-in authentication if you’re using SAML authentication.

Members will receive an email to let them know about the change and to remind them to set a password if they don’t already have one. Members who receive this email when signed in to Slack will remain logged in.

Who can use this feature?
  • Workspace owners
  • Pro and Business+ subscriptions