Slack for Teams guide to success

Slack for Teams is a single workspace for small- to medium-sized companies looking to centralise communication. If you’re in charge of rolling out or managing Slack, this series of guides will help you lead the way!

Tip: You can also visit the Slack website to learn more about our paid subscriptions and features and working in Slack.

What does this guide cover?

  • How to prepare your company’s transition to Slack.
  • Guidelines for setting up your workspace for your specific needs.
  • Effective ways to use Slack and drive your team’s adoption.

The way your workspace functions will be unique to your team’s working style. Here are the highlights to help you shape a Slack that works for you:

🥅  Set your goals

What to do: Identify communication pain points, workspace use cases and role-specific needs.

💡Read Getting started for workspace creators to prepare for the next step!


🛠  Build your workspace

What to do: Configure workspace settings, design a channel structure and invite your employees to join.

💡Try setting default channels for new members when they join your workspace.


🚀 Launch Slack

What to do: Host training events, like a Slack Day, and lead by example to make it clear that your workspace is your team's new central hub.

💡Get employees to read Getting started for new members.