Customize Slack with internal integrations

Internal integrations are built for your workspace, by your team, using our APIs. They allow you to connect Slack with the tools, data sources, and workflows that make your business run smoothly.



  • Focus work in one place: better leverage your existing internal tools by bringing them into Slack where members are already working together.
  • Turn notifications into action: route notifications to a channel so the right people are aware and working together towards a solution.
  • Search across your systems: everything shared in Slack is searchable, so you can quickly tie related data together and initiate complex cross-system workflows.
  • Increase the visibility of how work gets done: by bringing people, processes, tools and decisions together in Slack, a team’s entire way of working becomes transparent.


Internal integrations for your workspace

The best internal integrations for your workspace will depend on the tools and workflows that matter to your team. Here are just a few examples to get your ideas flowing!

Get automated responses to common questions. 

Free up people from having to answer the same questions over and over again by building an internal integration that automatically answers common questions:

  • What's our office phone number?
  • Where should I get packages delivered?
  • What events are coming up this week?

Allow people to easily create help desk tickets (and suggest potential solutions).

Allow your members to create new help desk tickets with a simple slash command. Instead of having to navigate to a new tool to log an issue or make a request, your team can type /helpdesk into their Slack message box to ask for a new software license, help with Wi-Fi, or anything else.

See analytics and reports in Slack. 

For anyone who needs a quick snapshot of the business, up-to-date data can be made readily available without having to leave Slack and sign in to a reporting tool.

Message from an internal bot showing member and billing stats


Get started

To start, think about the tools your team uses to get work done. 

  • Do any tools generate alerts or notifications that require the attention of a group of people? Notify the right people in the right Slack channels.
  • Do you query data housed in internal tools? Bringing the query interface into Slack makes it easier to discuss and share the results. 
  • Do you waste time signing in to a tool to complete a simple workflow? It may be easier (and faster) to perform this workflow in Slack. 

If you've answered yes to any of the questions above, try reaching out to your teams managing those internal tools and sharing the following documentation with them:

We're here for you! If there is any way we can help, drop us a note