Add messages to lists

When you come across a message in Slack that you want to keep track of, add it to a list. Lists are designed to help organize work happening in Slack, and you can use them to keep track of tasks related to projects you’re working on, personal to-dos, and more.

Go for it!

  1. Hover over any message in a channel or direct message (DM) and click the   Lists icon. 
  2. Click Create New List, or select a list you've already made. 
  3. Now that your list has a new item, you can add more info from the detail view if you'd like. To open your list in a separate window, click on the list title below the item you just added. 
  4.  And that's it! You can add messages from channels or DMs to your list anytime, and view all of your lists from the   Lists tab in your sidebar.

Learn more: Check out our guides for step-by-step walkthroughs of customizing list templates, or create a new list from scratch