Set a monthly reminder to submit your expenses

 What you'll learn in 2 minutes or less: How to set a recurring reminder for yourself, someone else, or an entire channel.

Never miss important deadlines like submitting your expenses. Slackbot will send a DM with the reminder details, or post a message to the channel you specified.


Go for it!

  1. Click the   slash icon in the message field from any conversation to open the shortcuts menu.
  2. Start typing /remind to select it from the menu.
  3. In the message field, enter the details of your reminder following this format: /remind [@someone or #channel] [what] [when].
  4. Send your message to schedule the reminder.

    Here's an example of what a reminder with the following details could look like: /remind me to Submit monthly expenses on the 28th of every month A recurring reminder in Slack to submit monthly expenses

Learn more: Visit our detailed article about reminders.