Change your display name

You can choose a display name to show when your teammates mention you in Slack. If you don't fill in the display name field in your Slack profile, you'll see your full name when people mention you. 

Full name Sharon Robinson’s full name in an @mention in SlackYou must include a full name in your profile. Unless you've updated your profile, we use the full name that you gave us when you created your account.


Display name Sharon Robinson’s display name, @Sharon, in an @mention in SlackDisplay names are optional and can contain spaces, non-English characters and capitalisation.

Set your display name



  1. From your desktop, click on your profile picture in the top right.
  2. Select Profile. This will open your profile on the right side of your screen.
  3. Click on Edit profile.
  4. Below the Display name field, enter your preferred display name.
  5. Click on Save changes.
  1. Tap  You at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap  View profile.
  3. Tap Edit profile.
  4. Tap the Display name field and enter your preferred display name.
  5. Tap Save in the top right.

Note: If single sign-on is enabled for your workspace, your ability to edit your personal information, including display names and email addresses, may be restricted.

Reserved names

There are several words that we reserve to avoid confusion in Slack, and can't be used in full names or display names:

  • Brazilian Portuguese: aqui, canais, canal, eu, general, geral, grupo, meu, todos
  • Chinese (Simplified): 归档, 已归档, 全部, 频道, 创建, 删除, 已删除的频道, 编辑, 所有人, 组, 在线, 我, Slack, slackbot, 今天, 你
  • Chinese (Traditional): 全部, 頻道, 茶水間, 我, 您, 公開區, Slackbot, slack, 所有人, 這裡
  • English: archive, archived, archives, all, channel, channels, create, delete, deleted-channel, edit, everyone, general, group, groups, here, me, ms, slack, slackbot, today, you
  • French: chaîne/chaine, canal, général/general, groupe, ici, moi, tous
  • German: alle, allgemein, Channel/channel, hier, Gruppe/gruppe, mir
  • Italian: tutti, canale, gruppo, qui, me, tu
  • Japanese: チャンネル, ここ, 全員, 自分, グループ, general
  • Korean: 여기, 모두, 전체, 모든, 전부, 채널, 나, 그룹
  • Russian: slack, slackbot, архив, архивированный, архивный, все, вы, группа, группы, здесь, канал, каналы, общий, редактировать, сегодня, создать, удаленный канал, удалить, я
  • Spanish: aquí, canal, general, grupo, mí, todos