Reacji Channeler for Slack

With the Reacji Channeler app, you can instantly copy a message from one public channel to another using specific reaction emoji, or ‘reacji’. This comes in handy when something posted to a channel could be useful to conversations happening elsewhere across your workspace.

The benefits 👍

  • Move a message automatically from one public channel to another.
  • Redirect ideas and feedback or organise stray requests into relevant channels.
  • Increase a message's visibility by copying it to a channel with more members.

Add the app to your workspace

The Reacji Channeler app only needs to be installed by one member. Once installed, anyone in the workspace can set up or use the app.

  1. Visit the Reacji Channeler page in the Slack App Directory.
  2. Click Visit site to install.
  3. Click Add to Slack.
  4. Click Authorise to finish.


Set up a Reacji Channeler

Once you've installed the app, type the slash command /reacji-channeler in the message field, followed by the emoji code and channel destination. 

For example, let’s say you’d like to use the megaphone  📣 :mega: to copy messages to your #big-news channel. Simply type the following while viewing any channel and then hit Enter:

/reacji-channeler :mega: #big-news

Voilà! Whenever someone reacts to a message with 📣 :mega:, it will automatically be copied to #big-news. The app will notify the destination channel when a new Reacji Channeler has been set up and by whom.

Tip: To remove a reaction emoji, type and send the following: /reacji-channeler remove :your-emoji:

Choose your reaction emoji

If you choose a frequently used emoji (such as ❤️:heart: or 👍🏽:thumbsup:), you’ll end up with a lot of unrelated messages in your channel. Make your Reacji Channeler more precise by creating a custom emoji for each Reacji Channeler that you set up. When you add new reaction emoji, make sure to announce it to your workspace so that everyone knows how to use them, and where the messages that they react to will be copied to.

To help you get started, we created this small pack of custom emoji just for you!


Use the Reacji Channeler

Here's how to automatically copy a message from one channel to another:

  1. React to a message with the emoji that you know has been set up to send messages to a particular channel.
  2. Go to the destination channel to see your message copied over!

Note: To view all messages that have been reacted to with your Reacji Channeler, just search for the reaction emoji.

💡Looking for inspiration? Read our blog post to learn how we use the Reacji Channeler at Slack.