Manage profile settings on Enterprise Grid

Org owners and org admins can prevent members from editing the profile photo and full name field included in their profiles. Locked profile fields will continue to sync from your identity provider (IDP) if you have profile syncing enabled with single sign-on (SSO) or SCIM.

Tip: Org owners and org admins can manually edit some profile fields from the admin dashboard.

Manage permissions for profile fields

  1. From your desktop, click your organisation name in the sidebar.
  2. Hover over Tools & settings, then click Organisation settings.
  3. Choose  Settings in the left sidebar, then select Organisation settings.
  4. Click Edit next to Allow full name edits or Allow profile photo edits.
  5. Check the box to enable members to edit the field that you’ve selected.
  6. Click Save.

Note: You can lock additional profile fields such as Email address and Display name in your SSO settings

Tip: Owners and admins can also prevent guests from editing their full name and display name in their profile.

Who can use this feature?
  • Org owners and org admins
  • Available on the Enterprise Grid subscription