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Slack for team collaboration

How Slack helps improve team collaboration through channels, integrations and more

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Unlocking collaboration: Making software work better together

A new IDC Market Spotlight sponsored by Box, Okta, Slack and Zoom examines the trends driving remote collaboration


Move your next project into a channel

Bring the right people together in channels to share ideas, make decisions, and move work forward with a common purpose and place

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The new collaborative sales team

Learn why companies around the world are using Slack to take a collaborative approach to selling, and what that can mean for closing deals

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Unlocking collaboration in the workplace

In this webinar, we explain how teams are using cloud-based tools to fuel business resiliency while increasing agility and productivity

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Why Slack is the future of remote collaboration

Learn how to create a more connected, secure, and productive remote workplace.

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Remote work in the age of Covid-19: Insights from Slack

A nationwide survey of knowledge workers reveals how companies and employees are responding to the remote-work surge

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Introducing your partners to Slack Connect

Simple tips and templates to help you onboard your partners to working with you in channels.


Make the switch from email to Slack

Insights for email veterans on how to replace cumbersome email workflows with simpler, channel-based messaging

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Empower secure, external collaboration with Slack Connect

Help your team work with external organizations in Slack, while keeping your company’s data and information secure


Internal communications, the Slack way

Five ways HR teams can use Slack to improve their communications and create a better employee experience

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7 steps to more effective teamwork with Atlassian and Slack

Learn the secrets from top users of Slack and Atlassian on how they streamline notifications, reduce context-switching, and automate workflows

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How it works: Slack for customer service

Quick videos showcasing how customer service teams use Slack to smoothly resolve issues and grow customer loyalty

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How it works: Slack for sales

Quick videos showcasing how sales teams use Slack to build strong customer relationships and close deals faster.

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How it works: Slack for software development

Quick videos showcasing how engineering teams use Slack to ship code faster and improve service reliability