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Slack’s Workforce Lab studies how to make work better. We conduct research with desk workers around the globe and experiment with ways to drive productivity and boost the employee experience for workers at Slack, Salesforce, and everywhere.

Workforce Lab by Slack From Salesforce Logo
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The future of work is human-centric

See the latest data from our twice-annual survey of more than 10,000 desk workers around the world, plus more innovations driving the future of work.

AI research from the Workforce Lab at Slack

New Slack research shows accelerating AI use and quantifies the “work of work”


AI at work: the Slack research team unpacks the data on AI use in the workplace

The AI revolution is here. Are you ready? Slack's survey of 10,000 global desk workers uncovers new findings on employee perception and use of AI

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Slack für das Projektmanagenment nutzen

Case study: what happened when we took a break at Slack

We ran an experiment encouraging employees to take a daily break—and discovered a simple way to boost productivity, engagement, and connection


The surprising connection between after-hours work and decreased productivity

Slack’s Workforce Index uncovers new findings on how to structure the workday to maximize employee productivity, well-being and satisfaction

How 8 retailers are providing a better fit for the employee and customer experience with Slack

How Personal Operating Manuals can help you build a stronger team at work

Personal Operating Manuals can fast-track trust and connection among distributed teams. Here’s a template to get you started.

Boost teamwork in the hybrid workplace with Slack hero image

New research reveals trust is the key driver of productivity

New Slack survey reveals a crisis of trust in the workplace, with more than 1 in 4 desk workers saying they do not feel trusted by their employers


The State of Work in 2023

A new global survey highlights the many obstacles to productivity facing desk workers today—and the new, better ways leaders can support them


New research uncovers the secret to a productive workday

Are you working hard or working smart? New research from Slack's Workforce Lab reveals surprising findings about how to structure your workday

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Academic publications and partnerships

Research and white papers

Read more about our research and partnerships with the academics and thought leaders shaping the future of work