Power contact center productivity in the new world of retail

Transform your retail contact center for real-time collaboration among agents and supervisors with Slack, Salesforce Service Cloud and NeuraFlash

Today retailers must do more with less, while still delivering quality customer service that sets them apart. To excel, retailers need a way to accelerate case management, simplify time-consuming activities, boost customer satisfaction and eliminate knowledge silos. This requires a digital-first way to work together, where the contact center can scale personalized customer service with time-savings and cost-efficiency.

With the combination of Slack and Salesforce Customer 360 working together, companies now have a powerful collaboration platform to unite contact center agents around a single view of each customer. Every retailer, small and large, can benefit from a digital platform that helps boost agent productivity, improve collaboration and automate work that slows down agents.

In this e-book, discover the benefits of working with Slack, Salesforce Service Cloud, and NeuraFlash to make problem-solving easier for agents, resulting in a better customer experience and more efficient contact center.

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