A rolled-up Slack workspace passed between teammates like a newspaper

Slack on Slack

Our own teams dish on how they use channels and workflows to improve how work gets done, day in and day out

A rolled-up Slack workspace passed between teammates like a newspaper

Tips for streamlining your department’s work

From reviewing code to supporting customers—and everything in between—it’s no surprise that most of our work takes place in Slack. The benefits are aplenty, and by moving your projects into channels, your team can enjoy them too.

Two support agents paint a life raft for a customer

That escalated quickly: How we get complex customer support issues into expert hands

An inside look at our customer support workflows, which have reduced escalations to our technical teams by 60%

Handing touching different control buttons to show doing your own work

Slack on Slack: Get work done, your way

In this session, you'll get a sneak peek into the unique day-to-day of our very own Slack employees

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Two groups of dogs come together to pull a sled

How channels bring our product and support teams closer together

Learn how tight partnerships and processes between Slack’s CE and product teams make for more satisfied customers


How channels extend the reach of internal communications

Keeping everyone in the know at a growing company is a tall task. Our internal comms team shares tips for simplifying that work in Slack

A focused developer at their computer

How our devs reduce distractions (and unnecessary meetings)

Four ways Slack can help engineers find their ideal state of flow


Slack on Slack: Work smarter using no-code automation

Automate away everyday tasks both inside and outside Slack, no coding required

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Less analog, more digital work

How we take some of the work out of legal work

Our legal team shares its favorite tips and tools for automating repetitive tasks, collaborating with outside counsel and much more, all inside Slack


How channels power our sales team

An inside look at the many ways channels and integrations with Salesforce help our team close deals and serve our customers