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Kick off Frontiers and your future. Join us as we share how successful companies are adapting and thriving in an era of distributed work. Learn how Slack boosts your productivity with teams, partners and customers, and helps you get more from your tools—all while keeping your data secure. Let’s go.

We built Slack to meet the strictest security and compliance requirements. Learn how we strive to make sure cybersecurity risks never threaten your business. Plus get a sneak peek at what’s on the roadmap.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutITSlack AdminEnterprise GridSecuritySlack Connect

Turn every routine to-do into an automatic “done.” Join the Slack business technology team to learn how to plan, build and roll out custom apps for your team’s most tedious tasks.

Session TagsAll levelsSlack APIBreakoutSlack AdminSlack DeveloperIntegrationsAutomationBusiness valueDigital transformation

Slack Connect offers a secure way to talk and work directly with customers, creating a foundation for stronger relationships. Learn how sales teams use this tool to grow accounts faster and build customer loyalty.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutSalesSlack ConnectBusiness valueRemote work

Open up new learning opportunities, free up knowledge within your company, and boost team morale—all by plugging Slack into your current tools and workflows. Hear how one company is using Slack to support its agents, along with new ways you can create better customer experiences.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutCustomer SupportAutomationIntegrationsBusiness valueRemote work

Connect your tools to Slack and reduce mean time to resolution. One of our customers will show you how. Hear tips to detect incidents, to take immediate action and to reach resolutions faster.

Session TagsAdvancedBreakoutEngineeringIncident managementIntegrationsAutomationSlack partner ecosystem

Here’s your quick-start guide to building Slack apps. Get hands-on instruction for using our APIs, modern platform features and first-party developer tools to create apps tailored to your org.

Session TagsAdvancedWorkshopSlack DeveloperSlack APIIntegrations

Join our engineering and platform leaders as we share what’s on Slack’s roadmap. Learn about exclusive product updates designed to support developers as they build integrations for businesses operating in real time.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutEngineeringSlack DeveloperIntegrationsAutomationSecuritySlack partner ecosystem

IT leaders like you weathered big changes this year. Learn from industry analysts what remote-first work could mean for keeping distributed employees connected.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutSlack AdminITDigital transformationRemote work

Move from email to secure collaboration with both internal and external teams. With Slack Connect, you can work more closely and efficiently with anyone. Learn best practices for managing Slack Connect across your organization from fellow admins and Slack’s own product team.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutSlack AdminDigital transformationAdministrationSlack Connect

Hear how sales leaders are guiding their teams through change to stay on target. Get their advice on handling the shift to remote work while helping reps find their stride.

Session TagsAll levelsRoundtableSalesRemote workDigital transformationBusiness value

Hear how bringing teams together in Slack offers new ways to provide exceptional customer support. Industry leaders will share how they set their teams up on the platform to work more efficiently and prioritize customers.

Session TagsAll levelsRoundtableCustomer SupportDigital transformationAutomationBusiness valueRemote work

In this hands-on session, preview and prototype Slack app UI with the latest Block Kit additions. Learn how to use our newest blocks to bring user-friendly features to your custom apps.

Session TagsIntermediateWorkshopSlack DeveloperSlack APIIntegrationsDigital transformation

Hear the latest trends and best practices from leading engineering executives on how they continuously push to measure and improve developer team productivity.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutEngineeringAutomationIntegrationsSlack partner ecosystem

Organizations are moving away from one-size-fits-all solutions. We’ll look at why they’re combining the power of Slack and selected features from Microsoft, Google and others to create the perfect mix of security, collaboration and content management.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutSlack AdminITDigital transformationSlack partner ecosystemBusiness value

Remote work is here to stay. Get ready for whatever it brings with do’s, don’ts and best practices for every office situation from admins like you.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutSlack AdminITAdministrationRemote workDigital transformation

When your sales reps and cross-functional partners can work together in one place, selling becomes a team sport. Learn how working closely with one another in Slack helps everyone win deals faster.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutSalesAutomationIntegrationsBusiness valueSlack ConnectWorkflow Builder

Bring your customers back to the center of your organization with tools made for the job. Learn how one company uses Slack Connect to provide five-star support to enterprise customers, and take away its tips for success.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutCustomer SupportSlack ConnectBusiness valueDigital transformationIncident managementWorkflow Builder

Discover Slack’s Next Chapter program, which helps formerly incarcerated find work in tech, with reentry director Kenyatta Leal and fellow panelists. Then close out Day 1 with comedian and author Sarah Cooper’s address on work and life in 2020.

Previously scheduled

Get set up on the platform, network with attendees and schedule 1:1 sessions with Slack experts.

An inspirational opening from industry leaders who have seen it all—and adapted to it. We’ll start Day Two with words of wisdom on meeting challenges with creativity. Leave ready to bring teams together, pursue new revenue streams and set off your momentum.

Faster releases don’t have to sacrifice code quality. Hear how one company overhauled its release cycle time from three months to 30 minutes by connecting its dev tools to Slack.

Session TagsIntermediateBreakoutEngineeringBusiness value

Organizations around the world have used Slack to increase productivity for all types of teams. Hear about the evaluation framework that helped one company understand the business impact of Slack.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutSlack AdminITBusiness value

Get a crash course on scaling Slack for your organization. Learn how change-management specialists and Slack admins have successfully brought Slack into the hands of more than 10,000 users.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutSlack AdminITAdministrationRemote workDigital transformation

What if employee profiles could bring teams closer together? Slack’s most recent acquisition creates a way to do just that. Hear from the co-founders how their advanced directory contributes to work and culture.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutITBusiness value

Get foundational instruction from Slack experts and customers on building apps for enterprise needs. We’ll share insights on how security-conscious admins evaluate Slack apps and give you core to-dos for your next build.

Session TagsAll levelsWorkshopSlack DeveloperSlack APISlack partner ecosystemSecurityAdministrationEnterprise Grid

No matter how many tools you use at whichever stage of development, Slack can bring them together. Learn how to test, deploy, plan and manage operations, all from one place.

Session TagsAdvancedBreakoutEngineeringIntegrationsAutomationSlack partner ecosystem

Meet Enterprise Grid, our solution for helping large, complex or security-conscious organizations work with the agility of smaller companies. Join C-suite leaders as they share how they rolled out Slack organization-wide—and the promising results that followed.

Session TagsAll levelsRoundtableSlack AdminITDigital transformationEnterprise GridRemote workSecurityAdministration

Maintain control over Slack apps while letting employees use the tools they love. Our product and security teams will offer practical advice and details on the latest enterprise-grade app management features in Slack.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutSlack AdminITAdministrationIntegrationsWorkflow BuilderEnterprise GridSecurity

Join Slack and our customers for an inspiring look at the past, present and future of our no-code automation tool. Learn about the latest capability to bring steps from Slack apps into your custom workflows—and the possibilities this now offers you.

Session TagsAll levelsKeynoteDigital transformationWorkflow BuilderAutomationSlack APISlack partner ecosystemBusiness valueAdministrationSlack Developer

Turn routine tasks into automated processes—sans code—in a live workshop for all skill levels. We’ll take you through Workflow Builder and different ways both Slack and our customers use it to bring teams together.

Session TagsAll levelsWorkshopWorkflow BuilderAutomationRemote workSlack Developer

Learn how organizations have used Slack to reach their core KPIs. We’ll share an overview of the latest Slack total economic impact (TEI) report from Forrester.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutEngineeringBusiness value

Learn best practices for integrating Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive and Outlook apps, right in Slack. We’ll take you through the ways Slack helps you get more value from all your software investments—and give you a sneak peek into the investments we’re making in interoperability.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutSlack AdminITIntegrationsSlack partner ecosystem

Get the numbers behind your Slack investment. Hear directly from Slack product experts and customers on ways to measure adoption and trends. Leave with a framework you can bring to your organization to get more value out of Slack.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutSlack AdminITAdministrationBusiness value

Workflow Builder now allows custom steps, so you can automate tasks in Slack with the capabilities of additional tools. Join us for a live code walkthrough to configure your integration—whether it’s a team favorite or your own build—to appear as a workflow step.

Session TagsAdvancedWorkflow BuilderWorkshopSlack DeveloperSlack APIIntegrationsAutomation

Hear the latest trends and best practices from Slack customers and product experts. Learn how they shortened their development times while shipping high-quality code.

Session TagsAll levelsBreakoutEngineeringAutomationIntegrationsSlack partner ecosystem

Hear how leaders from Box, PagerDuty, Zoom and Slack identified opportunities to transform company culture in the midst of incredible change. Join us as we reimagine not only the physical office but also the entire employee work experience in a session moderated by HubSpot’s Chief People Officer.