Manage your Enterprise Grid organization with APIs

As an owner or admin in an Enterprise Grid organization, there are a number of tasks you might need to complete to keep your org running smoothly. With Slack’s admin APIs, you can build a custom Slack app or run an API to automate management tasks, instead of managing them individually from the admin dashboard.

Note: Certain actions are only available through admin APIs, while others are available through both APIs and the admin dashboard. When you choose to use an API, you may not be able to complete that action in the admin dashboard.

Ways to manage your org with APIs

Below are a few actions you can take to manage your org with admin APIs. For a full list, visit Slack API.

  • Manage workspaces
    Create workspaces
    Add or remove members from workspaces
  • Manage members
    Invite members to your org or to specific workspaces
    Manage member roles
  • Manage channels
    Create and archive channels
    Add channels to workspaces
    Manage channel posting permissions
  • Manage workflows
    Manage workflows and access to workflow steps
  • Approve apps
    Approve and restrict apps across all workspaces in your org*
  • Manage IDP groups
    Add or remove members or Multi-Channel Guests from IDP groups
  • Set defaults for IDP groups
    Add default workspaces for IDP groups
    Add or remove default channels for IDP groups
  • Reset sessions
    Sign a member out if their device has been lost or stolen
    Set session duration limits for individual members

*When you set up an API to manage app approvals at the organization level, you must process all app approvals and restrictions with this app. You won’t be able to manage apps at the workspace level.

Who can use this feature?
  • Org Owners and Org Admins
  • Available on the Enterprise Grid plan