New guide: How to make external collaboration more secure, faster and more productive

How five Aussie companies have embraced Slack Connect to change the way they work with external partners, customers and vendors.

By the team at Slack19th July 2022

How does your team stay in touch with customers and external business partners? If you’re like many companies, your team may rely on a combination of email and messaging apps for external communication. 

On average, Australian knowledge workers are jumping between 3.9 platforms every day to stay in touch with the other companies and organisations they work with. That’s 27 minutes a day, or 2.5 hours per week. 

Despite a shift to channel-based messaging internally, most organisations still use email for external communication. But email wasn’t built for how we collaborate today. It’s slow and challenging to keep all stakeholders in the loop, triage issues, build relationships, and move projects forward. 

But there is a faster, more productive and more secure way to work alongside your partners, vendors or customers. And we call it Slack Connect 🙌 

Slack Connect allows organisations to move conversations out of siloed email threads and into the same place. It’s a secure space where you can collaborate in real time with your trusted partners and quickly share files and messages or view past conversations, files, decisions, and context to easily get up to speed on the latest status. And unlike email—which leaves users open to the risk of spam and phishing—teams receive communications only from verified members in Slack channels.


Get more done in Slack Connect

Done the old way, working with the partners, suppliers and customers that we all do business with can be a big drain on time and productivity. But that’s not the worst of it: communicating on multiple platforms can leave you susceptible to a host of privacy and security problems. 

Hear from five Aussie disruptors who have embraced Slack Connect to change the way they work with external partners, customers and vendors. 

Download this guide to: 

  • Get their tips on how they use Slack to ⬆️ their productivity while ⬇️ the hassle. 
  • See why old-school tools like email slow down external collaboration. 
  • Find out how Slack Connect will make your organisation more secure by keeping your conversations protected and your data safe. 


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