Use emoji reactions

Emoji reactions are a quick way to respond to any message in Slack. They're both fun and helpful for getting work done in Slack – a simple emoji reaction can often replace the need for a follow-up message. 

Add a reaction

A member can add up to 23 emoji reactions to any message, but the maximum per message is 50 unique emoji. Use the steps below to add a reaction to a message.



  1. Hover over a message and click the   Add reaction icon.
  2. Choose an emoji, then watch it appear beneath the message. 

Reactions that you add are highlighted in blue, and those added by other members are highlighted in grey. People can see who’s reacted to a message by hovering over the reaction.

Tip: You can use the keyboard shortcuts Shift\ (Mac) or CtrlShift\ (Windows) to open the emoji picker.

  1. Tap and hold the message that you'd like to add a reaction to.
  2. Choose from your most frequently used emoji reactions at the top of the menu. Or, to add a different reaction, tap the   Add a reaction icon.

Remove a reaction

Reactions that you’ve added will show in blue. If you want to remove one, click or tap the emoji to remove it from the message. Keep in mind that you can only remove the reactions that you've added.

See reactions to your messages

To see a list of recent reactions to your messages, use the steps below.



  1. Click  Mentions & reactions in the left sidebar. If you don't see this option, click on  More to find it.
  2. Scroll through the list to see people's reactions to your messages.

Tip: When someone reacts to one of your messages, you'll see the emoji momentarily appear next to Mentions & reactions in your left sidebar. 

  1. Tap the  Mentions tab at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Scroll through the list to see people's reactions to your messages.