Slack for Service Teams

Grow true customer loyalty and bring service teams together in Slack to deliver fast, accurate and personalized customer experiences

Transform customer experiences

Unlock your service productivity potential

Slack enables your team to accelerate work, search and share knowledge, and connect and engage everyone.

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Transform your customer experience with Slack for support teams

Learn how Slack acts as a support team for your support team by uniting your company’s experts at a single point of access

Partners from separate organisations and working locations shake hands after a sales deal is closed

Drive growth and customer loyalty with Slack Connect

Move communication out of inboxes to help your company to close deals faster, retain customers and deliver best-in-class support

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IDC: How Slack adds value for every department in your organisation

In this study, IDC measures the value of Slack across marketing, sales, HR, customer support and engineering.

Customer service agents strategise around an image of a headset in Slack.

Introducing Forrester’s new study: The Total Economic Impact of Slack for Service Teams

With Slack, organisations cut the cost of service tickets, boost revenue and improve employee satisfaction, according to the findings

Resolve issues faster

Instantly collaborate with experts and enjoy a centralized knowledge base

Drive fast and accurate resolutions by immediately surfacing answers and bringing the right people together in Slack.

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Customer story

How T-Mobile supports over 100 million customers with its productivity platform

Facing the dual challenges of a merger and a global pandemic, the telecommunications giant T-Mobile is elevating and automating customer service with Slack as its digital HQ.

Customer story

From days to minutes: How Multiplier disrupted customer service with Slack

How Multiplier revolutionised onboarding and customer service with Slack

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Customer story

SK C&C transforms the service paradigm to unlock productivity with Slack

SK C&C is receiving Slack’s Unlocking Productivity Award – South Korea for using the productivity platform to automate tasks and manage high-touch service operations

Customer story

How SEEK uses Slack to scale its job-matching services worldwide

Slack is SEEK's solution for simplifying communication and turning a multinational workforce into a close-knit community.

Optimize agent experiences

Empower agents with knowledge from day one

With Slack, your agents can save valuable time and have more time to help customers.

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Supercharge your support agents with Slack

Boost the usability of your existing tech stack while uniting your whole company around the customer experience

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How it works: Slack for customer service

Quick videos showcasing how customer service teams use Slack to smoothly resolve issues and grow customer loyalty

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How Fastly uses Slack to wow enterprise customers

You’re in good company. Thousands of leading companies from all industries use Slack to streamline work, making teams stronger and more productive.