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IDC: How Slack adds value for every department in your organisation

In this study, IDC measures the value of Slack across marketing, sales, HR, customer support and engineering.

[stat_quote stat="32% | less email" quote="I’ve had more contact with other internal teams during the first six months of using Slack than I’ve had during my prior six years at the company." source="" title="" company="" cta_text="" cta_url="" /] [stat_quote stat="23% | fewer meetings" quote="Slack made us heroes in the company." source="" title="" company="" cta_text="" cta_url="" /]

This is what the Slack-connected enterprise looks and sounds like.

But what business value does Slack drive, and how does that take shape across different roles within an organisation?

To find out, IDC interviewed organisations spanning five countries and 11 industries and ranging from a couple of dozen employees to more than 10,000. The observed data provided insights into how the adoption of Slack added value to members of the sales, engineering, HR, marketing and customer support teams.

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