Partners from separate organisations and working locations shake hands after a sales deal is closed

Drive growth and customer loyalty with Slack Connect

Move communication out of inboxes to help your company to close deals faster, retain customers and deliver best-in-class support

Illustration by Francesco Ciccolella

For customer-facing teams today, many things are simply beyond their control. Traditional outreach is becoming less effective, buyers are less willing to meet with salespeople and sales cycles are getting longer. And when a new customer does make it through your digital doors, they expect top-notch support – and won’t hesitate to look elsewhere if service falls short.

To overcome these challenges, sales, customer success and support teams across the world are pivoting away from legacy methods to forge a new kind of high-touch connection, with Slack Connect. Designed to replace email, or however you work with people outside your company today, Slack Connect makes the work that happens with external organisations and vendors faster, more productive and more secure.

The list of ways that global organisations are using Slack Connect to work smarter is long, inspiring and evolving every day. Download our latest guidebook to see how these companies are driving growth, closing better deals more quickly and attracting satisfied customers who stick around – and then leverage our best practices to drive your own business forwards.

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