Cebu Pacific Air: Unlocking 114,000 hours with Slack

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Cebu Pacific Air, a leading airline in the Philippines, faced a major challenge in streamlining its flight operations. With a vast workforce spread across multiple locations, fragmented communication and disconnected systems—from email to walkie-talkies—were breeding inefficiency and causing delays.

Slack in Action: The tools and tactics that led to success

Using Slack, Cebu Pacific Air integrated its people, processes and mission-critical systems into a single streamlined platform.

The payoff has been an astonishing 114,000 hours saved annually, transforming the way the airline’s teams operate.

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How Slack simplified complex operations at Cebu Pacific Air 

If you’ve travelled by air, you’ve probably looked out from the boarding lounge and been impressed by all the activity around the planes. There’s food, fuel and baggage going on, and passengers and cargo coming off. 

It’s impressive because it’s well-coordinated and works smoothly. Yet anyone who works in an industry with complex operations, like logistics, manufacturing, construction or healthcare, knows there’s a lot of organisation and communication, as well as systems and applications, working behind the hustle to keep it all on track.

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“We looked outside the usual industry solutions and started working with Slack. It’s transformed the way we work.”

Angelo Maria BerbanoIT Director, Airline Operations Systems, Cebu Pacific Air

Unlock productivity in your organisation

Whether you’re in retail, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, or construction, Slack connects your tools and teams to drive productivity. 

These six organisations from The Slack Southeast Asia productivity pioneers playbook are charting a bold course towards a more efficient, connected and innovative future.
Discover how ASEAN companies like Cebu Pacific Air, BukuWarung and Sephora delivered real, measurable gains through automation, productivity and connection. 

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