How Productivity Platforms Can Power Business Impact

Slack’s new research report reveals how workers and businesses can work more effectively and unleash their potential with productivity platforms

Businesses today face uncertainty like never before. From economic turbulence to emerging technologies, things are changing fast. 

To flourish, leaders need to find new ways to drive growth and unite teams even as budgets are under scrutiny. Adapting the right productivity platforms will be essential—ones that can boost engagement, cut distractions and take advantage of AI and automations to accelerate impact.  

To understand what workers need, and how businesses can respond, this report analyses the behaviours and attitudes of 2,000 employees and IT leaders across the UK. 

By reading it, you’ll discover data on how workers and businesses are reacting to today’s biggest challenges, alongside advice on overcoming them—including how to:

  • Create engaging and productive digital experiences for teams
  • Streamline and integrate tech stacks to prioritise impact
  • Accelerate collaboration and knowledge sharing 
  • Embrace automation to save every worker time and boost business results

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