The digital HQ toolkit

Leading organisations share their tips for supporting workplace collaboration – no matter where or when that work happens

Recent history has shown us that we can be effective, creative and productive working from anywhere – even amid a pandemic.

We’ve adopted alternative working hours, relocated, welcomed unexpected Zoom cameos and got to know our colleagues on a more human level. We know that this new way of working works, and employees will expect this flexibility going forwards. Research from the Future Forum shows that 93% of knowledge workers want a flexible schedule and 76% want flexibility in location.

Organisations of all sizes, across all industries, are embracing this moment to reinvent the way that we work. Some will remain fully remote, some will anchor to an office and many will employ a hybrid model. But the common denominator among those leading the charge is a demand for a digital HQ that’s flexible and inclusive for a work-from-anywhere world.

Moving to a digital HQ doesn’t mean ditching the office. It’s about empowering people to work when and where it’s best for them. Offices are just one of our tools for building relationships and creating space for focused work. With a digital HQ, you can transcend physical spaces and time zones to bring teams, tools, partners and customers together around shared goals and priorities. 


Embrace digital communication tools like shared documents and chat, and empower your employees to be flexible with their schedules while moving the work forward.’

Meghan Reibstein VP of Organisational Operations, Zillow


We shared experiences and lessons learned with our peers during our transition to a fully digital HQ. To help with your company’s transition, we’ve curated the most successful tips into ‘The digital HQ toolkit’. In it, you’ll find insights from leaders at:

  • Expedia Group
  • The New York Times
  • The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
  • Free Now
  • Zillow
  • Up
  • Cookpad Inc.


We’re focusing on building custom digital-first solutions in Slack that automate grunt work and free up our employees to focus on what matters most – be it deep work or developing critical connections across the company.’

Chris Aitchison Head of Technology, Up


Download your free copy of the toolkit today. This digital-first shift won’t happen overnight, and it’s going to look different globally and across teams. But the team at Slack is incredibly optimistic about the future that we’re building and how it will improve not only how we work, but also how we live.


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