You can’t build a new bank with old tools

How banking IT and tech leaders are reinventing their organisations from the inside out

There are two strands to building a new bank: delivering digital customer experiences and adopting organisational change.

As IT and tech leaders, your teams are at the forefront of that transformation. And they need to collaborate easily to get new products to market quickly.

But old tools – like email and meetings – are not fit for purpose. They’re slow and cumbersome, and information can get lost.

New tools like Slack are different. They allow people to work together as if they’re sitting around the same desk. They also support five key building blocks for creating a new bank:

  • Building better customer experiences
  • Ensuring cyber security
  • Attracting the best talent
  • Creating a transparent and open culture
  • Staying compliant with regulations

Download our financial services e-book and learn how Slack can accelerate transformation in each area. It also shows how other banks are succeeding with Slack, and provides some useful tips along the way.

Sit back and relax, we’ll show you how you can accelerate transformation with just 20 minutes of your time.

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