Open conversations in split view

Split view lets you see information from different parts of Slack side by side. Open two conversations or pages and view them both at the same time, without having to move back and forth between them.


Use split view

  1. From your desktop, press Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows/Linux) and click the name of a conversation or page in your left sidebar.
  2. If you like, click and drag the separator bar in the middle to adjust conversations to your preferred width.
  3. To close split view, click the  close icon in the top right.

Tip: If you’re opening a channel or DM in split view from your sidebar, you can right-click on a conversation name and choose Open in split view.

What you can open in split view

  • Channels and direct messages (DMs)
  • A new message from the  compose button
  • Items at the top of your sidebar, such as Mentions & reactions, Later,
    Unread messages and more
  • Suggested search terms when you type in the search field
  • Pinned messages
  • Thread replies

Note: This feature is only available in Slack on your desktop.