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Slack Connect: speed up collaboration

See how organizations big and small use Slack Connect to bring teams at different companies together

Sales + Slack Connect

Give sales cycles a boost with Slack Connect

Build stronger relationships with clients while maximizing sales opportunities for teams

Support + Slack Connect

Provide stellar customer support with Slack Connect

Empower teams to deliver exceptional customer support while inspiring customer loyalty


3 façons de consolider la relation client avec Slack Connect

Comment Crema, IQ Accountants et Spark 64 créent des opportunités de collaboration inédites avec leurs clients

Partners + Slack Connect

Bring partners closer together with Slack Connect

Establish stronger partnerships while amplifying collaboration and innovation


Etsy and Snowflake ditch the inbox and use Slack Connect to work with partners

Admins from the online retailer and the cloud data platform share the inside scoop on how they championed Slack usage across their companies


Why Guru, ModSquad and Sisense rely on Slack Connect for secure collaboration

With email-based cyberattacks on the rise, these companies depend on Slack to work more productively with trusted partners


Des partenariats renforcés et coordonnés grâce à Slack Connect

Xero, Boldstart Ventures et Segment utilisent un seul canal Slack pour communiquer et collaborer avec plusieurs organisations partenaires


Forge robust partner relationships with Slack Connect

How DocuSign, Clause, Assembled and others use Slack Connect to foster speedy communication and fruitful collaboration with partner organizations