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Slack analyst reports

See how analysts firms view Slack, from detailed ROI calculations to Slack's role in accelerating transformation

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Slack named a leader in new IDC MarketScape report

Learn why Slack was named a leader in collaboration and community applications in the new IDC MarketScape vendor assessment

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기술팀에 Slack이 미치는 Total Economic Impact(TEI)

Slack으로 달성한 비용 절감 및 비즈니스 이익을 확인하기 위해 Forrester Consulting에 의뢰해 수행된 연구

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CCS Insight Report: Six steps to making remote working work for your business

Moving from crisis response to long-term strategy.

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IDC: How Slack adds value for every department in your organization

In this study, IDC measures the value of Slack across Marketing, Sales, HR, Customer Support and Engineering.

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A report by Deloitte: Higher education reimagined

How universities are embracing and shaping the future of work to adapt to and drive digital transformation