Slack for Service Teams

Grow true customer loyalty and bring service teams together in Slack to deliver fast, accurate and personalized customer experiences.

Transform customer experiences

Unlock your service productivity potential

Slack enables your team to accelerate work, search and share knowledge, and connect and engage everyone.


Transform your customer service with real-time, white-glove support

With Slack as your productivity platform, you can prioritize key customers, strengthen relationships, improve satisfaction and drive loyalty


The Total Economic Impact of Slack for Service Teams

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting covering the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Slack


The digital-first customer service playbook

Learn how service teams use Slack to deliver exceptional customer experiences


Work faster with service partners in Slack

Customer Service teams can work directly—and securely—with partners in Slack so they can deliver a better customer experience faster.

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Unleash your service potential with Slack and Service Cloud

Learn how to boost your service team productivity through Slack and Service Cloud use cases

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How service teams should be thinking about the future of work

How service teams are thriving with a digital HQ

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Resolve issues faster

Instantly collaborate with experts

Drive fast and accurate resolutions by immediately surfacing answers and bringing the right people together in Slack.

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Customer story

How T-Mobile supports over 100 million customers with Slack

Facing the dual challenges of a merger and a global pandemic, the telecommunications giant T-Mobile is elevating and automating customer service with Slack as its digital HQ.


Salesforce’s support team resolves cases 26% faster with Slack

The enterprise company relies on channels and workflows for swarming cases, resolving customer issues faster than ever

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Slack + Salesforce Service Cloud: When work flows, satisfaction grows

Slack and Salesforce Service Cloud 360 empower your team to drive true brand loyalty across every customer touchpoint

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Supercharge collaborative service with swarming

Learn how case swarming unites teams, promotes swift sharing of crucial information and enables more optimized customer service for all

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How service teams are reinventing the customer experience

How service teams are reinventing the customer experience

With our new guide, learn how companies are changing tools and tactics to better serve customers in the digital-first world of work


How HSBC and M&G plc use Slack to transform their financial services

A digital transformation is helping these firms better serve their customers

Two people checking in with a concierge at a Marriott front desk
Customer story

Marriott Digital Services delivers world-class customer service with the combined power of Slack and Salesforce

Marriott Digital Services leverages Slack and Salesforce to streamline high-quality support, quickly triage inquiries and deliver timely, accurate answers fast.

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Procore’s IT and service teams move work forward faster with Slack integrations

Procore, the software platform for construction companies, maintains a robust, aligned IT system with key Atlassian integrations in Slack.

Optimize agent experiences

Empower agents with knowledge from day one

With Slack, your agents can save valuable time and have more time to help customers.

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3 ways to scale service efficiency at your tech organization

Experts share proven productivity strategies

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Supercharge your support agents with Slack

Boost the usability of your existing tech stack while uniting your whole company around the customer experience

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Making service teams more successful

Learn how your organization can optimize your agents’ experience by creating unique learning paths that keep agents engaged and motivated

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How it works: Slack for customer service

Quick videos showcasing how customer service teams use Slack to smoothly resolve issues and grow customer loyalty

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Customer story

How Wealthsimple uses Slack to make investing more accessible

The digital investment platform relies on Slack to offer ace customer support and nurture companywide collaboration.

Customer story

Enhancing DocuSign’s technical and customer support with Slack

How the software company uses data-driven decision-making in Slack to deliver top-notch technical support and customer service while going remote.

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Everlane and Happy Returns elevate customer service with Slack

Why Everlane and Happy Returns team up in Slack to exchange information, solve customer issues, and escalate any tech glitches in real time.

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Improve your service team’s productivity with automation

Learn how Slack can help your service team be more productive and grow customer loyalty

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