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Slack as your productivity platform

Learn how Slack gives you the flexibility to be productive from anywhere.


Start building your productivity platform with these helpful guides.


Take your sales team productivity to the next level

Simplify, accelerate, improve and unify your sales cycle with Slack, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Accenture

How 9 businesses boosted efficiency and productivity with Slack and Salesforce

How 9 businesses boosted efficiency and productivity with Slack and Salesforce

Meet the productivity platform your team needs


Unlock your productivity potential with Slack

Accelerate time to value with Slack Professional Services to drive efficiencies in your business and lay the foundation for long-term success


Transform your customer service with real-time, white-glove support

With Slack as your productivity platform, you can prioritize key customers, strengthen relationships, improve satisfaction and drive loyalty


How 6 government organizations use Slack as their productivity platform

Read about six leading government organizations that use Slack as their productivity platform

Digital transformation hero

Digital transformation: How IT leaders can improve productivity in every department

See how IT can deliver business transformation, increase productivity and drive innovation across every department


Watch how Slack and other organizations are adapting to the new way of working.

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Explore the future of productivity, powered by generative AI

Learn how generative AI will unlock a new kind of productivity, and get insights on how to build a generative AI strategy for your organization

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Choosing the right collaboration solution for your digital HQ

Learn why Slack was named a leader in collaboration and communication applications in the latest IDC MarketScape report

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Embracing a digital-first approach to work

Learn how your organization can support workplace collaboration in a digital-first world

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How to create a successful hybrid enterprise using Slack

Learn about the three steps companies should take to create a successful hybrid enterprise, enabling better productivity while reducing burnout

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Reinventing Work: building the new employee experience

Learn how to shift from a 9-to-5 mindset to one that embraces flexible and remote work models in this on-demand webinar

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