Look up details from your CRM records

What’s it handy for?

Any sales team that works together to generate leads and celebrate wins needs to share information, and being able to do that in Slack is key for sharing context around a discussion.

Sharing account details is great for:

  • Looking up account owners to ask them about an account
  • Acting on customer feedback by quickly finding their account manager to help
  • Researching accounts in certain industries

How to share CRM account details with coworkers

  1. Use the shortcut menu to select Salesforce or use a slash command by typing /salesforce company-name to search for company names
  2. Click the Show Details button to reveal additional information
    see account details in Slack
  3. Click the account owner’s name to start a DM conversation or mention them in a channel to discuss any issues or ask questions.
    select account details

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