Receive event reminders and notifications

What’s it handy for?

Connect your Google Calendar to Slack so you can see daily summaries of your schedule, respond to event invites, and even start Zoom and Google Hangout calls right from Slack.

Event updates are great for:

  • Never missing a meeting by getting reminders before they start
  • Getting a list of meetings and events in the morning so you can plan your day
  • Starting conference calls in quick click

Before you get started

Connect the Google Calendar app to your Slack workspace.

How to receive event reminders and updates

  1. Open the Google Calendar app within Slack and send it any message to get started.
    Open google calendar app
  2. Click the “Connect your Account” button then follow the steps to link your Slack and Google accounts together.
    Connect your account
  3. Tweak notification settings to best suit your preferences. Turn specific types of notifications on or off and modify when they are delivered by using the /gcal command and selecting the “View Settings” button.
    update notification settings
  4. Receive calendar invites with highlights of schedule conflicts. Respond to them directly from Slack so your calendar is always up to date.
    see calendar scheduling conflicts and respond to invites
  5. Join conference calls in a single click from event reminders.
    join conference calls from Slack

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