Run daily stand-ups or check-ins

What’s it handy for?

You can often eliminate a daily morning meeting that tends to take up a good amount of time, when most participants only need 30 seconds to share their status. Instead, try running it in a Slack channel where workers and managers can maintain visibility about everyone’s tasks without taking a half hour out of anyone’s day.

Daily stand-ups are great for:

  • Giving visibility into everyone’s projects
  • Keeping the team abreast of everyone’s tasks
  • Managers and executives wanting to monitor progress on projects
  • Saving time by eliminating an in-person meeting


How to run daily standup meetings in Slack

  1. Pick which channel and an agreed upon time to run weekday standups
    Here are some examples:
    • Running a daily standup in a project channel like #proj-echo
    • Sharing weekly updates in a team channel like #editorial-team
    • Creating a dedicated channel for standups like #on-deck-today
  2. Use a slash command to set a reminder that asks your teammates to share their updates. Try a variation on this this slash command that references everyone in the channel (or try user groups to make a list of specific members you’d like to be alerted):We wrote one for you that you can copy paste into the channel of your choice:
    • /remind #thischannel on weekdays to “Reminder: Please post your weekly reflection 💭. 🌹 1 success, 🌵 1 challenge, 🚀 1 thing you’re looking forward to.”
  3. Read replies in your channel to see what everyone is up to.

Also worth checking out

There are dedicated apps for conducting stand-up meetings if you’d like more functionality, things like a bot asking each member about their project every morning and posting summaries into channels where your whole team can see.

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