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Slack for Engineering

Transform software delivery by bringing your engineering teams, dev tools and partners together in Slack

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Ship quality code faster

Speed up your development lifecycle by breaking down silos

Bring together your dev tools, teams, partners and automated processes into a single pane of glass with Slack channels.

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How Slack expedites the software development lifecycle

Learn how Slack fixes friction in the development lifecycle—and why developers choose Slack for building better code faster

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Riot Games boosts its software development cycle with Slack

Learn how the studio tests, deploys, plans, and manages operations for all its games, all in one place.

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How Up used Slack to build Australia’s first digital bank and earn the love of 340,000+ customers

Up uses Slack to ship new work faster than competitors and collaborate across teams and with partners.

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Speed up software development with Slack

Rally teams in channels to build better, resolve issues quicker and bring efficiency to every stage of the development lifecycle


The Slack handbook for software development teams

Reduce organizational drag with Slack, so you can streamline work, resolve incidents and iterate faster

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Ship quality code faster with Slack

How to deliver higher quality products and services faster than your competition by working in Slack

Minimize incidents and downtime

Resolve incidents quickly and efficiently

Make incident management a breeze with automated incident response, interruption-free troubleshooting and streamlined incident reviews.

Andrew Marshall, the director of product marketing at PagerDuty and Marc Vilanova, a senior security engineer at Netflix

How engineers at Netflix and PagerDuty outsmart incidents with Slack

An open source incident management tool and intuitive new Slack integration help these companies quickly respond to software issues

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Transform your incident command center

Minimize chaos, resolve problems faster and prevent future incidents with Slack

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Improve service reliability with Slack

How to use Slack to discover incidents in record time, solve issues faster and capture incident data in one place


How apps for Slack help IBM and Hearst get more from their tech stack

Learn how custom and third-party apps, along with our upcoming Workflow Builder, can streamline everyday tasks for teams big and small

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Red Ventures fosters an inclusive culture across 100+ brands

Red Ventures uses Slack across its global portfolio of businesses to break down silos, build camaraderie and maximize productivity.

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How e-commerce unicorn Veepee decreased incidents by 67% with Slack

E-commerce unicorn Veepee uses Slack to connect 6,000 employees and deliver high-quality flash sales to 72 million customers.

Scale your engineering organization

Keep engineering teams connected, productive and engaged

Transform your culture by improving transparency, supporting flexible communication styles and building tightly-knit communities.

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Skyscanner engineers find answers 95% faster using HelpDesk+ in Slack

The metasearch engine and travel booker integrates Slack with HelpDesk+ to reduce support response times from two days to two hours


Software engineering and Slack: simply a better way to work

A look at how Slack supports developer success, from enabling faster planning and testing to increasing visibility into deploys, and much more

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7 steps to more effective teamwork with Atlassian and Slack

Learn the secrets from top users of Slack and Atlassian on how they streamline notifications, reduce context-switching, and automate workflows

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RBC’s tech teams explore new ways of working with Slack

Why 5,000 RBC employees and counting use Slack to crowdsource solutions, foster a collaborative culture and break down barriers.

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Vodafone dials up developer innovation and customer capability with Slack

From the U.K. to Egypt, Slack revolutionized the way Vodafone's teams collaborate and solve customer issues.