Software Development Teams and Slack

A primer on streamlining your work, resolving incidents, and iterating faster with Slack.

The average company loses more than 20% of its productive power to organizational drag.

That includes all the time teams spend digging up requirements, or coordinating on the status of designs, updates, and everything else needed to bring a product to market and keep improving on it in the long run.

This handbook will show you and your team how you can use Slack to keep the development cycle agile and efficient. Work in channels, integrate apps and services you already use, and deploy various Slack features so that everyone can come together quickly, stay on the same page, and spend more time focused on what matters: shipping code and squashing bugs.

Use this handbook to learn how to:

  1. Get access to key information, experts, and specialists company-wide
  2. Review and deploy code from one place
  3. Track real-time performance data from multiple systems to resolve issues faster
  4. Streamline and automate workflows by connecting to services and platforms you regularly use


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