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Ship quality code faster with Slack

How to deliver higher quality products and services faster than your competition by working in Slack

Between scheduling meetings, toggling between tools and tracking down the right teammate to review your pull request, there’s hardly enough time to get any real work done. That’s where Slack comes in.

Work in Slack happens in channels—organized spaces for everything related to a project, topic or team. From frictionless project planning to streamlined code reviews and deploys, Slack helps developers deliver higher quality products and services faster than the competition.

[quote quote="“We have what we like to call an ‘end-to-end delivery pipeline’ that starts with source code and goes all the way through to production deployment. Now we have Slack integrated into all the key milestones in that process.”" source="Thomas Lawless" title="Executive IT Specialist" company="IBM" cta_text="Read the case study" cta_url="https://slackhq.com/how-the-engineering-team-at-ibm-uses-slack-throughout-the-development-lifecycle" image="" alt="" /]

Start building quickly

Channels in Slack make it easy for product managers, designers and engineers to agree on what they’re building and why, so teams can go from kickoff to commit in less time and with fewer meetings. By bringing all the right stakeholders, decisions and specs into one place, channels remove friction from the planning process and provide the visibility and tight coordination needed for teams to stay aligned and move forward.

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How to kick off projects in Slack

  1. Gather feature requirements and scope projects faster with cross-functional teams using channels
  2. Pin important messages and documents—like project milestones and functional requirements—to the project channel so they’re easy to find
  3. Use emoji reactions to indicate the status of a request (👀 often mean “in review”) or give a quick thanks or acknowledgment

Connect your development tools to Slack

[app_link app_1="https://slack.com/apps/A0F7XDT7F-datadog | Monitoring" app_2="https://slack.com/apps/A0F7VRFKN-jenkins-ci | Continuous integration" app_3="https://slack.com/apps/A2RPP3NFR-jira-cloud | Project tracking" app_4="https://slack.com/apps/A074YH40Z-trello | Collaboration" app_5="https://slack.com/apps/A8GBNUWU8-github | Project tracking" /]

Simplify and speed up testing

Write better code and deliver safer code deployments by creating a central place for testing and code review. Slack channels and integrations make the entire QA process fit neatly into a developer’s workflow, so teams can quickly capture and assign issues, make pull requests, and provide real-time feedback that improves the quality of their code. By adding apps and integrations such as GitHub into Slack channels, devs have more visibility into which PRs need reviewing and which have been addressed, so they can spend less time waiting for reviews and avoid duplicating each other’s work.

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How to manage code reviews in Slack

  1. Create a single Slack channel for the whole team’s code reviews
  2. The GitHub integration for Slack automatically posts PRs for review in channel
  3. A reviewer uses emoji to show they’re checking, and the emoji when complete

Increase visibility into deploys

Get code to customers faster by bringing transparency and speed to the deployment process. Developers can trigger a deploy right from Slack, and connecting tools like Jira allows teams to automate much of the CI/CD pipeline. Check on the status of code, view builds and deployments, and see what’s been pushed live—all directly in Slack.

[stat_quote stat="23% | Faster time to market*" quote="“Transparency and collaboration are crucial for us because that’s the focus we’re taking to build things for customers. If we can’t model that internally, it’s going to be really difficult to build software that way.”" source="Guy Martin, Director, Open Source, Autodesk" title="" company="" cta_text="Read the case study" cta_url="https://slack.com/customer-stories/autodesk" /]

Developers love Slack

Teams of every size, structure and kind are collaborating in Slack channels.

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